Hi, I'm Elías from Elias213.com, founder of the Californian Creativity Course.

I'm proud to present you the online version of my Californian Creativity Course series revolving around creatively using California-made platforms for Communications. The #CaliCreativity series has benefited international communities through live presentations on four continents, webinars and written guides featured on Page 1 of Google.

Enroll in the Californian Creativity Course to learn the steps taken to publish blog content that reaches wide audiences, including on Page 1 of Google. I'll share what I've learned during my journey of publishing over 350 articles while living on three continents, to help you improve your writing skills and learn the art of successful storytelling for the global internet audience.

You already know what your expertise is: you just need to learn how to express it effectively by finding your voice and writing creatively.

With the skills gained in the Californian Creativity Course, you will.

See you in the course,

Elías Jabbe
[email protected]