Hi, I'm Elías Jabbe, Communications Consultant from Elias213.com.

After over a decade of award-winning Mass Communications experience in Los Angeles, Paris and Dubai—from writing my Californian Creativity Marketing guides featured on Page 1 of Google, to creating social media marketing strategies and launching podcasts—I am now teaching the online version of my Californian Creativity educational series presented in six countries on four continents.

Enroll in this #CaliCreativity Course to learn how to grow your online storytelling skills by creating and distributing written content via blogs and audio storytelling via podcasts, as well as creative strategies for sharing your story via social media networks.

You already know what your expertise is: you just need to learn how to express it effectively using a variety of platforms during the digital decade ahead.

With new Digital PR skills gained thanks to the Californian Creativity Course, you will.

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See you in the course,

Elías Jabbe
[email protected]